First Church of Christ, Scientist

1010 N. Alvernon Way

Tucson, AZ  85711


To join the Sunday service click here.

How to join our Wednesday service

 by computer or phone


Dear members and friends of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Tucson,

Part of the joy and power of our Wednesday testimony meetings is that they may “give bread to the hungry and living water to the thirsty” (Annie Knott, “The Golden Rule,” Christian Science Sentinel, June 3, 1911). We hope you’ll join us for such spiritual food and drink every Wednesday via Zoom or phone. See below for information about how to join the meeting. (Note: The Zoom link and phone number are different for Wednesdays than for Sundays.)  

Taking part

Naturally, this meeting, like every testimony meeting, will follow the order of service in our Church Manual.


Joining the testimony meeting by Zoom or phone

1.   To join our 7:30pm Wednesday testimony meeting through Zoom (using a PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android), please click on this link:

This sentence is also a link to the service.  

Several prompts will appear. Follow any prompts that come up to join the meeting. You won’t need a password this time, but you may want the Meeting ID, which is as follows: 

Meeting ID:  822 7596 5372

If you’re unfamiliar with Zoom, it might be helpful to open the link now, or soon, so you can figure out how to download the program and become familiar with it. It’s simple; but it might take a few minutes if the program is new to you. 

If you join the meeting by Zoom, you’ll be able to see and hear the reader! There’s an option allowing everyone in the meeting to see each other, but at present it seems wisest to turn off video cameras. Also, please keep your settings on “mute” so that no noises from homes interfere with the meeting. To mute or stop video you can move your cursor over the Zoom window, and at the bottom of the screen some icons and information will pop up. One is a microphone icon. If it has a slash through it, you’re already muted. If it doesn’t, click on the microphone icon and the slash will appear and you’ll be muted. The video icon (that allows you to be seen, if you have a computer with a video camera) is right next to the microphone icon. 

2.  To join our 7:30pm Wednesday testimony meeting by phone, dial this number:  

Phone: 346 248 7799 

You’ll be asked for the Meeting ID, which is as follows:

Meeting ID:  822 7596 5372

(There shouldn’t be a need for a Meeting Password this time.)


Please keep your phones muted so that there is no unnecessary background noise.

NOTE: If you can, please join the service 10 or 15 minutes before 7:30PM in order to keep disruptions to a minimum. There will be a prelude and a postlude.