First Church of Christ, Scientist

1010 N. Alvernon Way

Tucson, AZ  85711


About our church

Our teachings are based on the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, but particularly the New Testament and the unmatched life of Christ Jesus, who we understand to be the Son of God. Although we don’t take every word of Scripture literally, particularly in light of current Bible scholarship, we do take the whole Bible as spiritually essential.  As a tenet of our church explains, “We take the inspirited Word of the Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal Life.”

Christian Scientists have been part of the Tucson community since around the turn of the last century. The Church of Christ, Scientist had been founded about 20 years earlier in Massachusetts by Mary Baker Eddy, a devout Christian woman who led a movement to reinstate Christian healing in Christian churches. Our branch church was established in 1905, by a group of Tucsonans who had been healed in Christian Science and who wanted to join together to worship God.  

The first Christian Scientist in Tucson was Alice Hoff, wife of one of our mayors. She became a church founder and a Christian Science practitioner, someone committed to the church’s individual ministry of healing. An article in The Arizona Daily Star, “Road honors husband of Tucson’s first Christian Scientist,” speaks briefly about her life. Today, there are four Christian Science churches in southern Arizona.