First Church of Christ, Scientist

1010 N. Alvernon Way

Tucson, AZ  85711


To join the WEDNESDAY service click here.

How to join our Sunday service

 by computer or phone

Dear members and friends of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Tucson,

As you know, in response to the recommendations of government and public health officials at the national and local levels, we’re suspending our regular in-person Sunday worship services, Wednesday evening meetings, and Reading Room activities until further notice. But we’re not suspending church! 

Genuine Church—the actual structure of God’s universe, the structure of Love itself in which everyone is forever included—can’t be suspended. And our human expression of this divine reality is being demonstrated in new ways under present circumstances. 

As Hymn 258 in the Christian Science Hymnal expresses it,

New occasions teach new duties . . .

They must upward still and onward

Who would keep abreast of Truth.

You can watch and participate in these services using your personal computer, iPad, or phone, or you can listen using your phone.

Joining the service by Zoom or phone

    1.    To join our 10am Sunday worship service through Zoom (using a PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android), please click on this link:

Several prompts will appear. Follow any prompts that come up to join the meeting. You will need the Meeting ID and the Meeting Password, which are as follows: 

Meeting ID: 893 1079 4303

Meeting Password: 921299

If you’re unfamiliar with Zoom, it might be helpful to open the link now, or soon, so you can figure out how to download the program and become familiar with it. It’s simple; but it might take a few minutes if the program is new to you. If you have any questions, hesitation, or trouble with Zoom, please call Diane Hanover in the next few days at 520-248-3761. She can walk you through the set up, so you’ll be ready for our service on Sunday. If you have problems on Sunday, call or text Mark Andersson at 520-248-3736.

If you join the meeting by Zoom, you’ll be able to see and hear the readers and they you! However, you have the option of turning off your video camera. Please keep your settings on “mute” so that no noises from homes interfere with the service. To mute or stop video you can move your cursor over the Zoom window that shows our faces, and at the bottom of the screen some icons and information will pop up. One is a microphone icon. If it has a slash through it, you’re already muted. If it doesn’t, click on the microphone icon and the slash will appear and you’ll be muted. The video icon (that allows you to be seen, if you have a computer with a video camera) is right next to the microphone icon. If you have any trouble on the day of the meeting, just call Mark (520-248-3736) and he’ll help you get into the meeting.

2. To join our 10am Sunday worship service by phone, dial this number: 346 248 7799

You’ll be asked for the Meeting ID and the Meeting Password, which are as follows: 

Meeting ID: 893 1079 4303

Meeting Password: 921299  

Please keep your phones muted, too, so that there is no unnecessary background noise.

We’ll send a new link and new phone numbers for our Wednesday evening meeting as soon as those are available.

NOTE: Please join the service before 10:00am in order to keep disruptions to a minimum— Zoom chimes whenever someone new joins the group.

We need church now, more than ever

We know that every one of us is working and praying individually to meet the urgent needs of our community and world. Gathering as a church to do so, collectively, brings increased blessings for our world. In an article for The Christian Science Journal in 1923, Irving C. Tomlinson explained this phenomenon:

A great multitude, the world over, study in the Bible Lessons the same truth at the same time. Where many are thinking from the standpoint of Truth, the carnal mind is more obviously absent and the divine Mind more consciously present. Scripture says, "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Gathering together in His name is not the mere assembling together of many personalities; but, rather, it refers to the unity of thought which results from an understanding of divine Principle. Thus, the dominion of the one Mind is made manifest; and thereby may "one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight."

See you Sunday!

Executive Board

P.S. A Zoom link and phone number for the Wednesday testimony meeting will come separately.